Capturing your creations

CF Burke works out of a pro in-home studio, where he is available to help you with your project; both as an engineer and a musician.

With an honors degree in audio engineering from the Ontario Institute for Audio Recording Technology, he can edit, mix, or master your project to completion. His experience includes editing dialogue, music and SFX for film/tv/commercials; as well as mixing and mastering rock, pop, jazz, hip hop and classical music.

Chris is available for session work on keyboards, vocals/voice over, bass, guitar, or accordion. His instruments on hand include a Hammond B3 (with Leslie) and Fender Rhodes. For remote (online) session work, CF Burke is available exclusively through Tunedly™. To work with Chris in-person, he is available for recording work anywhere in the NYC/Tri-State area.

On the creative side, CF Burke is comfortable writing original music or arranging strings, horns, orchestra in a range of styles for podcasts, tv/film, radio, commercials, etc.

In addition to the samples on this page, you can check out the CF Burke EP Halfway Ballet which was entirely written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Chris.

People performing in music recording studio